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Certified Organic Ingredients

We developed our oil blend with our children and family in mind, and source only the highest grade certified organic ingredients. No nasties or cheap filler ingredients in sight.

Virgin Coconut Oil

An abundance of vitamins and fatty acids found in coconut oil helps to nourish the scalp and penetrate the hair cuticle to deeply moisturise each strand

Castor Oil

Helps strengthen hair strands, promotes hair growth, and gently nourishes a dry and irritated scalp.

Black Seed Oil

Used throughout history in Indian and Arabian cultures, black seed oil is used to soften and add luminous shine to the hair.

Argan Oil

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Argan oil helps to hydrate and soften the hair, restoring shine to dull and lifeless hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

Helps improve the condition of your scalp, reducing dryness and flakiness as well and improving the hair texture and reducing hair fall.

Olive Oil

Seals and preserves moisture in the hair shaft, increasing elasticity and reducing breakage.

Rosemary Cineole Oil

Prized for its antibacterial properties and ability to improve circulation to promote hair growth.

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